Aqua Libra

We infuse water with Nature’s ingredients and add some sparkle.

Why stock Aqua Libra?

You’ll never find sugar, sweeteners or anything artificial in our drinks. Just sparkling water, natural fruit flavours and a dash of lemon. Crisp. Clean. Unsweetened.

  • Aqua Libra is the leading the growth in infused water with x3 great tasting flavours
  • Plus it's the fastest-growing brand in the water category*
  • Satisfies the growing request for healthy, water-substitute soft drinks

Source: Nielsen total coverage RSV 52wks 21.01.23 vs LY

Aqua Libra Varieties

Explore our natural flavours below, made from the essential oils and aromas of the different fruits we use.

  • Aqua Libra Cucumber & Mint

    Sparkling water infused with refreshing cucumber, mint and lime.

  • Aqua Libra Raspberry & Blackcurrant

    Sparkling water infused with a refreshing blend of juicy raspberries and blackcurrants.

  • Aqua Libra Blood Orange & Mango

    Sparkling water infused with refreshing blood orange and juicy mango.

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