Five ideas to get your customers in

Looking to increase footfall to your store? We’ve pulled together some helpful tips to consider...

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Be Social

Social media is a brilliant way to speak directly to shoppers about new products and promotions, as well as a forum to receive feedback. If you don’t already have a presence, then it’s worth putting aside some time to create a profile. Facebook is a good starting point as it can also double as an online landing page for your shop.

Fresh and authentic content is key, so don’t worry too much about the perfect picture but instead focus on showing off your store and your friendly staff. Posting on a regular basis (about 3-4 times a week) will help to build engagement.

Create a Google My Business profile and encourage regulars to leave a positive review to increase local awareness. You can read our dedicated article on setting this up here.


Entice with promotions

With consumers monitoring their spending more and more, creating exciting and good-value promotions will provide a powerful incentive to visit and return to your store. Food to go is perfect for offers by creating meal deals or campaigns around seasonal hooks.

Shout about your promotions on social media and with in-store posters and advertising – Canva is a useful free tool to help you create professional-looking designs. Once a customer is inside, they’re more likely to explore the rest of your store and therefore increase overall basket spend. So, even when margins are tight, special deals can support growth in the long run.

Become a hub for food-to-go

The food to go market was expected to rise by 31.8% in 2022 to £21.3bn, according to Lumina Intelligence, with convenience identified as a key channel for growth as more of us travel for work or leisure.

Whilst what you can offer will depend on your store’s size and facilities, providing a selection of hot and cold food options can be a good way to attract people to your business. A coffee machine is another enticing idea, especially if you pair with fresh bakery items to tap into the morning demand.

Adapt to the seasons

Convenience stores can make a name for themselves locally by becoming a hub for all seasonal occasions. Whether that’s stocking up on tasty chocolate eggs for Easter, selling spooky sweets and costumes for Halloween or building a mini festive grotto of food and drink ahead of Christmas, tapping into hooks throughout the year can help your shop become a must-visit location.

If possible, create impactful seasonal window displays as a visual way to showcase your offering throughout the year.  

Become part of the community

It is likely that your business is already a focal point within the local community.  Get involved with activities in your neighbourhood to expand your reach even further. Could you support them by donating products towards a raffle at a local event or offer free advertising? Support your community
and they’ll support you

Alternatively, even adding a local notice board space is another way to engage with the community and bring people to your store.

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