Stand out with your shop front

If we judge a book by its cover then we can certainly judge a convenience store by its shopfront. Don’t miss out on passing trade with a bland or messy exterior. Here are a few tips to help you create a more appealing first impression…

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The tips for successful stand out:

Here are five tips to help your convenience outlet

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    Shout about your store

    Your store might have fantastic food to go machines, a diverse selection of award-winning wines or even delicious locally sourced produce, but if you don’t shout about it on your shopfront, a passing shopper may walk on by. Don’t forget to make use of your external windows. Many suppliers provide POS that can be used to advertise products. Too many posters can look messy though, so it’s about calling out your big bets that will entice people in. A digital screen or even a classic sandwich board are both effective ways of communicating to potential consumers.

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    Keep in clean

    Cleanliness is of course a priority for convenience stores, especially when fresh food is being sold. And this shouldn’t just be confined to the interior, the exterior should be regularly cleaned and checked to provide an appealing shopfront to passing foot traffic. Where possible, regularly clean the front of shop signs to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward.

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    Advertising promotions where possible on the outside of your store or, in your windows is a great way to temp people in - you can read more about this in our ‘driving footfall’ article. Use of promotional POS from suppliers or symbol groups can ensure the offers have the backing of big brands. Alternatively, if you create your own posters, use of free design software such as Canva is an easy way for these to look professional and allow you to create your own look and feel for your store.

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    Make the front of store count

    HFSS legislation has brought its own changes around the goods you may be able to stock at the front of store and around the tills. Regardless of whether you are included or exempt from the regulations, you should think about the first impressions customers get when walking into your shop and the type of products on show. Consider the needs of your shoppers – are you located at a commuter hub with a demand for food to go items or in a more residential area where inspirational meals for tonight and large soft drink formats could encourage more custom?

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    A digital shopfront

    When choosing where to go, the modern shopper may check online or visit your social media profiles. So, make sure your digital shop front on Google My Business is as clean and tidy as the front of store, with accurate descriptions and up to date imagery. Also try to keep an active, lively, and engaged presence on your social media accounts.

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