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At Britvic, we strive to be the most dynamic soft drinks company, creating a better tomorrow. We offer consumers a range of family favourite and global premium brands. We exist to help people enjoy life’s everyday moments.


With a heritage dating back to the 1930s, our business was built on bringing an affordable source of vitamins to consumers at a time when diets lacked important nutrients. Today, the health challenges facing our consumers may have changed but we still believe we have an important role to play.

Our average calories per serve now sits at 24, with 96% of our innovation in 2022 being low or no calorie drinks. 

We are also the first branded UK soft drinks company to sign up to front of pack traffic light labelling to help consumers make their own healthy, balanced, informed choices.


As a soft drinks business, our long-term success depends on our ability to source our ingredients and raw materials, which in turn depends upon a stable healthy natural environment. 

Here are just a few of the things we are doing:

Factory Sustainability
We ensure that all our factory waste is diverted from landfill. 100% electricity we buy to power our factories comes from renewable sources.

Carbon reduction
In 2022, we reduced our direct carbon emissions by 34%. We’re committed to a 50% reduction in our direct carbon emissions (Scope 1 and 2) and to become a carbon neutral company by 2025. 


In regards to packaging, we’re already proud to say that 100% of all our cans and bottles are recyclable, and we were a founding signatory to the UK Plastics Pact, committing us to stretching targets by 2025. We have a passion for ensuring we only put great-designed packaging on the market, and that that great packaging never becomes waste.

To achieve this, our sustainable Packaging strategy is focused around the 4Rs – “Reduce”, “Recycle”, “Reframe”, and “Reinvent.”

Packaging strategy

We have taken proactive steps to reduce the environmental impact of plastic packaging across our portfolio as well as exploring opportunities to look beyond plastic and Beyond the Bottle for a non-packaged solution.  

All our bottles and cans in Great Britain are fully recyclable, and we continue to reduce our plastic packaging through light-weighting our bottles, removing almost 4,000 tonnes of plastic since 2017.  

We’ve created more concentrated dilutes to enjoy at home and on the go, such as Robinsons Benefit Drops, to increase the number of serves per bottle. We’ve also eliminated the need for plastic bottles in some circumstances by providing more brands on dispense in hospitality, for example Robinsons in Subway and KFC, and London Essence Freshly Infused founts which use micro-dosing technology to serve premium tonic on dispense. 

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