Current Trends - Hybrid Working

Here is the last of five trends we predict will have the biggest impact on shopping habits and your store over the next year...

Reading time: 5 minutes

Top Tips

Here are some tips to help your convenience outlet tap into this trend

  • 1

    Working from home

    The pandemic has shifted where many people are working from, with 35% saying they prefer working at home all the time . This impacts convenience stores differently depending on your location.

  • 2

    Entice locals in for lunch

    It presents an opportunity for community stores taking advantage of increased footfall. Neighbourhood stores can offer lunchtime meal deals to encourage home workers in when they need a top-up shop.

  • 3

    City centre stores may struggle

    Town or city centre stores may need to change their approach longer term as people stay home to work. Potentially capitalise more on events – catching shoppers as they look for gifts or novelty items.

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