Current Trends - Affordable Luxuries

Here is the second of five trends we predict will have the biggest impact on shopping habits and your store over the next year...

Reading time: 5 minutes

Top Tips

Here are some tips to help your convenience outlet tap into this trend

  • 1


    Past recessions have shown that many shoppers still want to treat themselves and their families with affordable luxuries.

  • 2

    A chance to shine

    Only 9% of convenience shoppers are coming to your store to buy treats , so there is plenty of room for growth here.

  • 3

    Tempt with treat offers

    For those smaller stores exempt from current HFSS restrictions, there’s the chance to get creative with your displays. Showcase the treats you have on offer via ‘big night in’ displays and tie in with events such as Valentine's Day and Easter too.

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