Current Trend - Environmental Awareness

Here is the fourth of five trends we predict will have the biggest impact on shopping habits and your store over the next year...

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Top Tips

Here are some tips to help your convenience outlet tap into this trend

  • 1

    Pick brands wisely

    Shoppers are continuing to buy into brands based on their environmental values. Stocking brands with recyclable packaging or purpose-led campaigns will help put eco-conscious consumers at ease.

  • 2

    Run a refill station

    Explore opportunities to stock refill items to save on packaging and keep customers coming back.

  • 3

    Believe in your brands

    Support brand campaigns that you truly believe add value for your shoppers to drive authenticity.

  • 4

    Carbon control

    Where a product comes from, buying locally and the reduction of carbon are of growing importance to consumers.

  • 5

    Source local suppliers

    Almost half (48%) try to buy local produce either ‘always’ or ‘often’ when grocery shopping. Get to know nearby brands and suppliers to help with sourcing produce that is local to your store and promote this within weekly specials to entice consumers to try your new stock.

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