New Tango Editions: Tango Mango

Following the continued success of Tango’s rotational flavour series Tango Editions, Britvic is bringing its latest ‘Edition’, Tango Mango, to shelves and chillers this February.

Say hello to Tango Mango...

Tango Editions combine bold tastes, liquids and pack designs to produce striking products that stand out on shelves and in chillers. Succeeding Tango’s popular Paradise Punch flavour, this latest rotation is set to meet the demand for mango flavoured drinks, giving shoppers more sugar-free options without compromising on taste.


Our next big flavour launch, Tango Mango, drives appeal among new and existing Tango fans, generating additional sales opportunities for retailers. We understand retailers don’t have infinite space for new products, but the Tango Editions range has already proven to drive additional sales, and the rotational change seasonally maintains excitement and engagement with the brand. In addition, Tango Mango aims to attract a broader range of shoppers including Gen Z and families, expanding sales opportunities for retailers. Innovating in the fruit flavoured carbonates category will always be important to Tango – with new and exciting sugar free flavours, which play on the brand’s bold, fun tone and personality, helping to increase consumer purchases. Ben Parker, Britvic’s Retail Commercial Director in Great Britain

Reasons to stock up now… 

  • Mango flavoured drinks are in double digit growth versus last year (+26%)7
  • Brand is the most important factor for customers when buying soft drinks1 so Tango is a key must-stock for outlets 
  • Tango has more than doubled in sales in the last three years2, now worth over £96m RSV, and is still in double digit growth (+24%)3
  • The brand’s successful rotational flavour series has seen Tango Paradise Punch become the number one flavoured fruit carbonate new product development of 20234 

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